Weather and Propagation

The graphics below show weather forecast for our QTH at Prins Karls Forland.

For more detailed information, visit Yr – Hourly forecast for Poolepynten and Yr – Long term forecast for Poolepynten


24 hours of sun and daylight

Located at 78.44° N, we will have no twilight or night-time. This is not a good recipe for low band propagation. However, we will make best efforts to take advantage of any 80m or 60m openings that may arise.

The higher bands should benefit from 24 hour daylight, and we look forward to good activity for all four operating positions in our tent.

The VOACAP-based predictions further down the page, indicate what can be expected for some selected regions. As we all know, these are just predictions and may be overly influenced by both positive and negative ionospheric surprises.

The sun’s path across the sky, from 31.4° elevation at noon to 8.4° around midnight. 
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VOACAP predictions for selected locations
Probability of QSO

For more accurate forecasts, enter your locator at

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