All operators are contributing with own funds and their own equipment to make this operation possible from one of the most wanted islands within the IOTA-063 Group.

Prins Karls Forland island is not very far from Longyearbyen, but chartering a boat in this part of the world come at a cost, and some safety risks need to be mitigated. The main logistical cost items to/from and on the island are:

  • Chartering a boat
  • Renting tents, generators, tables, etc.
  • Organising the security of the camp (polar bear security..)
  • Food supplies and fuel




We would like to thank the donors below for their kind support:

Lada, OK2PAY

Gene, K5GS

Arnfinn, LA8CJ

Tim, N9LF

Joe, OZ0Z

Mike, K4KKL


Adrian, KO8SCA

John, K0YQ

Bill, LA8FTA


Morten, LB8DC

Declan, EI6FR

Stephen, N2AJ

Jose, EA5HM

Charles, NF4A

Mats, SM0FPR

Eric, WA1SXK

Dennis, W3HVY

Naoto, JF7RJM

Patrick, VK2PN


Shoichi, JA1NQU

Petr, OK1RP

Vasily, RU3SD

Gert, PA2LO


Dan, KD3CQ

Clarke, K1JX

Hiro, JS1WWR

Alex, RD4A

Siso, HK3W

Leonard, K1NU

Clayton, W0FS

Rebecca, W4EFS

David, G3WGN

Sandy, N7RQ

Arne, LA7WCA

Halvard, LA7XK

Will WC6DX

Bram Verbaas

Wade, K5TN

Ketil, LB8OH

Knut, LA6XI

Paul, N5PG

James, K1PX

Robert, K7BWC

Rolf, LA2XPA