Planning status

Unfortunately two operators had to withdraw due to personal reasons, but we have managed to replace those and hope to be 6 operators when departing in July.

Going to Prins Karls Forland in JW requires a dedicated expensive vessel that will transport us from Longyearbyen to the island located in the nature reserve at the west coast. Last activation of this island was in 2001. When arriving we will be doing dinghy landing with all equipment. The 3Y0J team members will do some additional practise runs with the dinghy ; )

We will focus on NA and Asia outside the IOTA contest, and we will do all modes CW, SSB and FTx. Our antennas will be VDAs and verticals at the shore close to saltwater with excellent take-off in all directions!

Due to the high risk for polar bear all over the island, we will have mandatory 24/7 polar bear watch. We will have several rifles, flare guns and other protection. Safety is a high priority and all team members will do training at a local shooting range.

Our budget is roughly $13000 and we will appreciate donations. Thank you for supporting this trip! All the support will go to offset the expensive vessel cost!

73 JW0J team