IOTA expedition 21-26 July 2021

The JW0W expedition has come to an end. We made 16.000 contacts with all corners of the world and we’re happy that JW and EU-063 made its way into thousands of logs. For a brief summary of the operations, click here.

We are a team from LA planning to activate Prins Karls Forland island, grid locator JQ58WK. The island is part of the EU-063 IOTA group (Svalbard’s coastal islands) and our call sign will be JW0W.

The operators: EA3HSO, LB1QI, LB5GI, LA7GIA, LA7THA and LA8OM.

When: Our planned period of operation is 21 – 26 July 2021

Operation: There will be focus on 40/30/20m – and of course also other bands if propagation allows. Located right next to saltwater, good take-off is expected from a range of vertical antennas. VDAs will be aimed towards NA and Asia. We will also participate in the RSGB IOTA contest.

Radios: We will bring K3s, KX3s, TS590SG radios with SPE Expert 1.3K and JUMA PA1000 amplifers.

QSL service: Via Charles M0OXO OQRS (direct and bureau), and direct QSL. The log will also be uploaded on LoTW.

Refreshments service: The operators will have access to refreshments from .  

IOTA EU-063 – Waaay north: